4' SL Dump Trailer 20k


Introducing our 4' dump trailer, equipped with full hydraulics, designed to revolutionize your hauling needs. With a remarkable payload capacity of 15,500lbs, this trailer is the epitome of strength and efficiency, ensuring you can transport heavy loads with ease. Its compact 4-foot size makes it perfect for navigating tight spaces while still accommodating sizable payloads. The hydraulic system allows for effortless dumping, streamlining the unloading process for maximum productivity. Whether you're hauling construction materials, landscaping supplies, or debris, this trailer is your ultimate companion. Its sturdy construction ensures durability even under the most demanding conditions, guaranteeing years of reliable service. Rent our 4' dump trailer today and experience unparalleled convenience and performance for your hauling tasks. Let us empower your projects with the efficiency and reliability you deserve.